OCID Governance

Governance Committee Scope

OCID’s work is guided by a Governance Committee, which is staffed and facilitated by the Center for Evidence-based Policy.

The OCID Governance Committee has three primary functions:

  1. Provide advice and guidance on the establishment of the Child Well-being Dashboard;
  2. Advise the Center on the prioritization, development and focus of policy questions for analyses; and,
  3. Maintain OCID as a resource for public policy making purposes, and recommend strategies to maximize the knowledge and value derived from this unique dataset for public benefit.

The OCID Governance Committee will inform and be informed by the work of the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet and the Department of Administrative Services’ Chief Data Officer Advisory Group.

Governance Committee Membership

The membership of the Governance Committee includes Oregon State Legislators, directors or deputy director state agencies contributing data to OCID, Oregon’s Chief Data Officer, and representatives from the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet, the Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office, and Oregon philanthropic organizations.

Current OCID Governing Committee Members

Governor’s Children’s Cabinet
Rosa Klein, Governor’s Office

Oregon Legislature
Representative Lisa Reynolds
Representative Raquel Moore-Green
Senator Bill Kennemer
Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

Oregon Philanthropic Organizations
Kasi Allen, Ford Family Foundation
Marian Blankenship, PacificSource Foundation
Byron Grant, WRG Foundation
Martha Richards, James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation
Andy Van Pelt, Oregon Hospital Research and Education Foundation
Sonia Worcel, Oregon Community Foundation

State Agencies
Pat Allen, Oregon Health Authority
David Mandell, Early Learning Division
Mark Greenwald, Oregon Youth Authority
Fariborz Pakseresht, Oregon Department of Human Services
Margaret Salazar, Oregon Housing and Community Services Department
Carmen Xiomara Urbina, Oregon Department of Education

Department of Administrative Services
Kathryn Helms, State Chief Data Officer

Ex Officio
Doug Wilson, Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office