OCID Advisory Structure

Governance Committee 

The OCID Governance Committee (membership below), has 3 primary functions in guiding the OCID work:

  1. Advise the project on the prioritization, development and focus of policy research questions for OCID analyses;
  2. Advise on the policy needs to inform expansions and improvements in the Child Well-being Dashboard, interactive displays, and other products;
  3. Maintain OCID as a resource for public policy making purposes, and recommend strategies to maximize the knowledge and value derived for public benefit.

The OCID Governance Committee will inform and be informed by the work of the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet and the Department of Administrative Services’ Chief Data Officer Advisory Group as well as OCID’s State Analyst Forum and the forthcoming Community Forum.

State Analyst Forum

Newly formed in 2022, OCID’s State Analyst Forum brings state office and agency policy and research staff together to collaborate on state data efforts, share experience, and expertise. The participants include OCID’s state data partners and the following offices: Budget and Management; Legislative Fiscal; Legislative Policy and Research; Chief Data Officer; Integrated Client Service; and the State Longitudinal Data System.

Community Forum

OCID aspires to include community voice and lived experience into the project’s work. OCID’s Community Forum, under development in 2022, would bring together diverse groups to meaningfully test strategies to bring the lived experiences of Oregon children and families together with integrated data to state policymaking.

Governance Committee Membership

The membership of the Governance Committee includes Oregon state legislators from both chambers and both parties, directors or deputy director state agencies contributing data to OCID, and representatives from the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet.

Current OCID Governance Committee Members

Governor’s Children’s Cabinet
Rosa Klein, Governor’s Office

Oregon Legislature
Representative Raquel Moore-Green
Representative Lisa Reynolds
Senator Dick Anderson
Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

State Agencies
Andrea Bell, Oregon Housing and Community Services Department
Dana Hargunani, Oregon Health Authority
David Mandell, Early Learning Division
Scott Nine, Oregon Department of Education
Joe O’Leary, Oregon Youth Authority
Fariborz Pakseresht, Oregon Department of Human Services